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Top 10 Ways to be the MVP Sexually

  1. Don’t give up on romance

As older gentlemen we have to remember to not give up on romance and sex. We have to continue to have the drive to perform our best.



  1. Exercise

In order to perform our best it is important to stay in good shape. Sex takes cardio so it is important to have a cardiac routine. Even if your not training for looks train for performance (sexual performance).



  1. Expand your sexual definition

Yes we all know that sex is intercourse but do not forget the kissing, foreplay, and touching can be rewarding to you and your partner.



  1. Make a routine but be flexible.

I’m not saying schedule sex but do have a routine of  getting yourself and your partner in the mood. This can be done with romantic gestures.

If you do have a routine spice it up. Change the time that you have sex if you do it at night have sex in the morning. 

Hey even change the location and the position of sex. Show your partner that an old dog can lay the bone and learn new tricks.



  1. Eat healthy.

I truly believe we are what we eat. Nothing can turn someone off more than food or smells (passing gas). 

A healthy diet can help with your endurance.

A fatty unhealthy diet may hurt your performance so put down the cake so you can have your cake.



  1. Slow down on the alcohol

Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant so that means it slows down everything. You may think it helps your performance it doesn’t. It just decreases your inhibition about your performance.



  1. Communication

As we age it is important to communicate with our partners. We must talk to them to make sure that we are pleasing them sexually. Never assume…. talk to your partner and they will talk back.



  1. Never look back

Do not look back on performances you had when you were younger. The art of sex is not about pleasing yourself or your own ego. Make everything about your partner. You will never NOT be the MVP if you show selflessness.



  1. Be playful

When you become playful it brings a sense of joy to your sex life. Do not take yourself so serious. Be humorous, gentle, and joyous and the moment will be the same.



10. Be Selfless

I touched on this earlier with never looking back but I wanted to emphasize that sex is an act of giving. 

 Remember that a true MVP is a team player. He does what ever it takes to please the team. Be selfless because when you give you receive.


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