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Man of Health Journey: New Horizons (Chapter 4)

Yes yes yes she is finally here. We had our baby girl and brought her home on January 22. This is my first baby girl so I am really excited. I have two sons already so I am ready for the ultimate challenge of being a girl dad.

Goals from Last Month

Man of Health’s Facebook Page is slowly growing we are near 400 followers and we hope to grow the page to over 1200+ this year.

When it comes to last chapter’s (month’s) goals I felt as though I had a pretty pretty productive month. The number one reason is because we had everything prepared for our daughters delivery.

I met my monthly goals of followers on MoH social media. My family and I got even closer during this month. I know this chapter in my life will be just as successful.


This month I plan to continue to release Man of Health’s Daily Motivations & Inspirations. I plan to continue to release these videos daily. These quotes allows me to look up some of the most inspiring quotes from some of the most influential people. I may start posting YouTube clips of inspiring speeches to help motivate people and inspire them. 

Husband & Dad Corner:

Being a new girl dad is big on dad corner this month, but I’m going to mix in spending quality time with my 9 year old and 1 1/2 year old. I plan to play with them together and give them both quality dad time. 

As a husband I want to help my wife as much as possible around the house. She deals with a lot around the house. My plan is to give her time daily to herself to relax, soak her feet, take a warm bath. 

As a family the word for this month is togetherness.


Personal goal: My personal goal is to find time to workout. I’m going to start a home band workout. This type of workout will allow me to be present with my family, but still get a good workout in. I plan to continue to gain muscle this winter.

Shout out to bod by Boyd for helping me with my resistance band information and workout. More to come from bod by Boyd soon.

Family: Spend time with my newborn girl, wife, and sons. I’m taking time off from my main job just to be available to them. I want to have a good time with them.


The goal this MoH’s goal this month is to have 500 followers on the page. I want to grow the page slowly. Growing slowly will allow me to put out great content. 

I plan to release Man of Health: Ultimate Guide to the 4 Pillars of Health. 

After my mini family vacation I plan to start my second job, so I can put money into Man of Health’s Products. 

What am I reading ?

This month I’m not going to be reading a lot. I am going to focus on creating my e-book. I really want this to be helpful to men in need. 

What am I watching?

I am going to watch some shows with the family, but besides that am going to wake up to workout and write.

This month is all about New Horizons. I have a new baby girl. I will have new followers and I will produce my first ever E-book.

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